Baylor Advancing Sequencing into Childhood Cancer Care

BASIC3 brings genomic sequencing technologies into the pediatric oncology clinic. The goal of BASIC3 is to investigate the clinical impact of integrating CLIA-certified tumor and constitutional whole exome sequencing (WES) into pediatric care of childhood cancer patients with high-risk solid tumors and brain tumors. This project assesses the impact of making whole exome sequence data available through physicians to participating parents. In the process, two key topics are explored:

  1. In what ways do the availability of tumor whole exome sequence data impact physician recommendations regarding enrollment in specifical clinical trials and chosen treatment plans in the scenario of tumor recurrence
  2. In what ways do the availability of germline whole exome sequence data impact cancer surveillance for the patient and genetic testing and cancer surveillance for family members

Additionally, BASIC3 will address issues that involve parental understanding, preferences for receiving genomic sequence data and the ethical issues related to appropriate use of reporting of genomic information. These ethical issues include possible incidental findings in a pediatric setting.